Monthly Archives: October 2005

Rockstar’s upcoming, and already controversial, game Bully has been attacked again. Rochelle Sides, an American mother of a child who committed suicide after being bullied, has set up an online petition, calling on Rockstar to “stop the release” of the game. Anti-game attorney Jack Thompson was one of the first to sign the petition.

Sony has shipped ten million of its handheld consoles worldwide. Add to that nearly 20 million games and 15 million UMD disc movies. But these figures are simply numbers shipped in to stores, not those actually bought.

Pro Evolution Soccer 5 has claimed first place in the all formats games chart this week, unseating its rival FIFA ’06. Pro Evo has become the fastest selling football game ever.

The “Wheeling Jesuit University” sounds a bit suspect to us. But industry website Gamasutra are claiming a Dr Bryan Raudenbush from there has completed a study on using videogames to distract from pain. Games broken into action, puzzle, arcade, fighting, sport and boxing categories were used. All games raised pulse and pain tolerance. Sports and fighting games worked best for pain tolerance, however sports games also produced the highest level of anger reported among test subjects.