Monthly Archives: August 2008

Although Starlink Airlines had gone bankrupt, the new owner wants to bring you back to help the company soar to greater heights of success! As Claire, a quick-footed stewardess with the skills to make every plane ride an exceptional experience, you’ll cater to the needs of a variety of passengers in accommodations ranging from Economy to Royal First Class. As you travel the globe, you’ll also get the chance to upgrade Claire’s skills and customize your plane. With its unique time management gameplay and variety of challenges, First Class Flurry is your ticket to first-class fun!

Unravel the mystery of the Sea People as you puzzle your way through World Mosaics, a brain-melting adventure of epic proportions. Each puzzle consists of a grid and numbers placed alongside and above each row. Your task is to use these numbers to determine which squares on the grid are hiding objects beneath the tiles. As you reveal objects without slipping up, you earn hints that make solving a level easier. You can also make three mistakes without being penalized and use tools that can help you wrap your head around the tougher puzzles. With its addictive gameplay, clever challenges and riveting story, World Mosaics is the new puzzle game sensation!