Monthly Archives: June 2010

While touring a museum in Egypt, a family of sightseers discovers the forgotten tomb of a cursed Pharaoh. After an accident separates the parents from their son and daughter, the player must guide each person to safety using a variety of high-tech gadgets and ancient artifacts. Escape the lost kingdom and discover the treasures it holds in this thrilling hidden object adventure! Includes an optional 3D viewing mode, with free 3D glasses available from the developer.

Strimko is a Sudoku-style logic game that’s both familiar and new. If you’ve ever played Sudoku, then you have an inkling of what awaits you in Strimko. However, moments into playing the game for the first time, you’ll encounter an exciting new concept: lines that zigzag through a puzzle, requiring you to avoid repeating numbers not only horizontally and vertically but also along winding paths. Set in a graphically rich environment and featuring 60 minutes of meditative music, Strimko challenges players to save a planet by collecting amulets locked inside chests.

After being named Nanny of the Year in Fantasy Town, Gwen finds herself in great demand among its wizards, werewolves, robots and other weird and wondrous inhabitants. Luckily, as she cares for babies, teens, seniors and pets, she can utilize ten different spells to make things easier, including one that makes the dishes wash themselves and another that stops time, giving her a short breather. Help Gwen to the best of your abilities and you might unlock special items that can ease her workload even more. Download Gwen the Magic Nanny and enter an exhilarating world of fantastical fun!