Monthly Archives: December 2010

When Big Boss all but destroys your hometown, it’s up to you to save the day! Earn and invest money wisely as you rebuild your farm. Collect wood and stone, prepare new dishes for your clients, and receive big rewards for making the best combos. Customize your truck, build six different production machines and beat Big Boss in six exciting mini-games. Do your best to earn up to 40 medals, and if you miss any, replay any level you wish. Are you ready to save your village? There’s no time to waste!

Rise and shine! It’s time to open for business at the Farmer’s Market! Sell down-home products like eggs, milk, beef and corn. Or combine ingredients to make waffles, barbecue, ice cream and more! Hire a band to attract more customers, host blue ribbon contests, and launch new markets at a variety of exciting locations, including a bustling metropolis, a lush campground and an old timey pier. Are you ready to get started? Customers are waiting!

Nightfall Mysteries: Asylum Conspiracy centers on Christine, an orphan who travels to an abandoned mental institution named Ashburg Asylum to locate her grandfather. Once there, she discovers the madhouse is far from deserted and begins to unravel the twisted threads of a sinister plot. As she explores the eerie grounds of the asylum and encounters one unsettling character after another, Christine uncovers the dark secrets of the institution and, ultimately, the truth about her past. Solve challenging puzzles and find skillfully hidden objects as you make your way deeper into the conspiracy!