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When a monk hires you to break a curse on a haunted tower, he doesn’t tell you the mission will take to the edge of your abilities and beyond. On your way to solving the mystery of the cursed tower, you will need to navigate a strange maze full of traps and puzzles. You’ll also encounter strange creatures, most of which want to harm you. Finding the tower will only be the beginning, though. Once you break the curse, you’ll discover a secret that will put the people close to you in jeopardy. Are you clever enough to outsmart the Tower of Secrets and save everyone you love?

Welcome to a town where something that should not exist runs free; where a desperate wife will risk her beating heart to find her husband; and where a terrible secret lies buried behind an orphanage. Search for clues, solve puzzles, and unlock new areas as you visit spine-chilling locations, play stimulating mini-games and locate hidden objects. The Collector’s Edition of Stray Souls comes with concept art, music, deleted scenes, desktop wallpapers and a shocking prequel chapter!