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In Letters to Nowhere 2, Audrey discovers her missing husband is a descendant of a cursed family and is doomed to die! To save him, she must search a variety of hidden object scenes for the pages of a secret diary, confront the evil that haunts her beloved, and prevent a series of grisly murders. Letters from Nowhere 2 contains over 30 spine-chilling locations ranging from a sinister mansion, to a gloomy dungeon, to a sacrificial altar covered with blood. Can you solve the mystery in this stunning sequel to Letters from Nowhere?

A young woman wakes up in a vast undersea temple, not knowing who or where she is. She soon learns she’s been frozen in a death-like slumber in a secret crypt for over a century. Now she must escape and explore the ancient underwater chambers to unravel the mystery of how she came to be there. Use your hidden object and puzzle-solving skills to help Anna unlock the enchanted Royal Relics, reveal the terrible secrets of the Dark Empress, and piece together the truth about her shocking identity!

Join Princess Vita as she embarks on a journey to rescue her kingdom! Once joyful and prosperous, the realm is frozen under a Witch’s evil spell, and the King, the Prince and their loyal subjects are trapped inside their castle. To remove the curse and free your beloved land, you must find seven magic seals before the Witch does! With the help of a cast of enchanted characters, solve puzzles and uncover hidden objects as you strive to save the kingdom. The Princess will need every scrap of cunning and intellect you can muster as you forge ahead through challenging puzzles and mini-games, uncovering the Seven Seals and the mystical Fortune Dagger – the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the Witch!

Rule a primeval world in Jack of All Tribes! Join the titular hero as a rollercoaster ride sends him back in time and he stumbles upon an ancient tribe in need of help. Construct buildings, collect resources and earn gold as you take care of the natives. Complete increasingly challenging missions as you keep the tribe’s enemies bay. And explore the exotic world of the past as you search for the objects that can send Jack home. From its seamless blend of time management and building simulation gameplay to its gorgeous graphics and intuitive controls, Jack of All Tribes is a village builders dream come true!

On a quest for a jewel called the Sleepless Star, intrepid explorer Percy Pack discovers that an unscrupulous collector has stolen the precious stone from a Native American village! Along with Percy and a beautiful Algonquin named Yellow Feather, travel to exotic locations on two continents and overcome dangers at every turn in an effort to recover the jewel. Solve over 150 jewel board puzzles, including never-before-seen obstacle puzzles, and progress through a beautifully illustrated and fully voice-acted story that includes collectible power-ups and quest options filled with classic Jewel Quest games.