Monthly Archives: July 2011

DreamWoods 2: Puzzle Adventure begins when a fairy slips into Emmy’s dreams and delivers urgent news: An evil mage, Begood, is taking over the dream world and has his sights set on the real world. Help Emmy defeat Begood by finding hidden objects, completing match-three challenges, and solving lots of little puzzles along the way. Set in a beautifully drawn world of magic and wonder, DreamWoods 2: Puzzle Adventure will delight players of all ages!

Gaby is an amateur blogger who’s desperate to ditch her dead-end job for the exciting world of celebrity gossip! To prove she has what it takes, Gaby sets out to compete against the reigning gossip king. As Gaby, you’ll uncover Hollywood’s dirty secrets by tracking celebrities’ whereabouts, following leads from anonymous informants, and solving puzzles that reveal scandalous details to post on your blog. From rock star weddings to steamy love triangles, the juicier the story, the more readers you attract to your blog, and the closer you come to being the most famous celebrity blogger in Hollywood!

Help nervous brides overcome pre-wedding jitters with a relaxing spa visit in Wedding Salon, a time management game with a marital twist. Guide Holly as she works hard to provide top notch service to her customers and grow her business. Find the right approach for each client, and before long, brides will be saying "I do" to all of the extras, allowing Holly to earn enough tips to hire more staff and upgrade her equipment. Your experience will come in handy when Holly’s wedding day arrives! Will you be ready to give her the perfect spa experience?

The demons of the Seven Deadly Sins have broken free of their fiery prison and taken up residence in Sacra Terra! Use your cunning to defeat each demon and rescue humanity from destruction! As you explore a decaying hospital, unlock the secrets of a medieval abbey, and search eerie catacombs, you’ll receive help from a pure spirit known only as Angel. Who she is and what happened to her is just one of the shocking truths you will uncover as you find well-hidden clues, gather useful items, and solve cleverly designed puzzles! The Collector’s Edition of Sacra Terra: Angelic Night contains a bonus chapter, a step-by-step walkthrough, desktop wallpapers, and concept art.

An evil witch has stopped time and thrown the world into never-ending darkness! To defeat her and return light to world, you must acquire the 12 artifacts of the months of the year. Season Match 3 combines fast-paced "Collapse" style levels with hidden object stages to provide a captivating blend of game styles. Use the power each artifact provides to remove obstacles, follow the tale to its conclusion in Story Mode, or sharpen your skills in Arcade Mode. Packed with unique levels, striking 3D visual effects, and hours of entertainment, Season Match 3 is a thrill any time of year.

Your grandfather has disappeared! The only clue he left behind is a cryptic message about a game show that no longer exists. Can you overcome the mysteries of Millionaire Manor and stop the macabre machinations of a madman? Can you uncover the secrets of your unhinged host? Take on the challenges of The Hidden Object Show once more and save your fellow contestants from a gruesome fate!