Monthly Archives: November 2011

Everybody’s favorite nanny is back for an all-new adventure in Nanny Mania 2! No diaper is too dirty and no mess it too big as she sets off for Hollywood to care for a well-heeled celebrity couple, their children, and the huge house they call home! As her hands and feet, you’ll feed the family, clean up after the kids, do the laundry, and keep the paparazzi at bay in level after level of fast-paced fun! Featuring all-new characters, additional power-ups, and tons of surprises, Nanny Mania 2 will delight young and old alike. Who knew housekeeping could be this much fun?

Welcome to Avalon, a land of lush forests, great plains, tall mountains and magic! The Druids of Avalon wield healing powers, activated through the use of magic cards. Just like runestones, the magic of the cards is unlocked by placing them in the correct order. Travel through 200 levels, collecting magic cards along the way in your quest to reassemble the Deck of Nature. Set up elegant combos to maximize your score multiplier, collect wild cards and earn gold to trade at the store for useful relics. Avalon Legends Solitaire will provide you with hours of relaxing and addictive card-stacking fun!