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When nightmares begin to torment a friend, a young woman decides to use her unique abilities to help him. Gradually, she realizes memories of dark events her friend experienced as a child haunt him. To save him from his past, she enters the twisted and dangerous world of his dreams. Join this courageous woman as she explores surreal environments, solves mind-boggling puzzles and plays inventive mini-games to get the answers she seeks! Put an end to the nightmares and save her friend from going mad!

Cross oceans and continents to play seven relaxing mahjong games! Remove pairs of tiles beneath the majestic Roman Coliseum, swap tiles near the glorious Taj Mahal, and test your memory at other magnificent locales around the world. Delight in 14 sweeping vistas as you clear 240 layouts, learn to use four game-changing power-ups, and switch modes from Normal to Simple when you want a traditional mahjong experience. There are no boundaries to your enjoyment when you play World’s Greatest Places Mahjong!

Join the Jolly Gang as it heads to Africa in search of treasure! When Moxxie gets it in her head that an old map will lead her to a fortune in diamonds, nothing will stop her from grabbing her pals Shaggy and Boar and hopping on the next plane to Namibia. Once there, the three embark on a madcap adventure through the African outback in search of a missing professor, his gems, and a way to give pesky customs officials the slip. Featuring retro-cartoon graphics, rib-cracking one-liners, and challenging puzzles and mini-games, The Jolly Gang’s Misadventures in Africa is packed with hours of zany, brainy fun!

You wake up strapped to a bed inside an abandoned hospital. Find a way to save the patients, stop the psychotic doctor and escape before it’s too late! Incredible high-definition graphics, a gripping storyline full of twists and turns, a wide variety of mini-games and hidden object scenes, fully voiced characters and a captivating soundtrack will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end!

The Twisted Lands saga continues in the gripping sequel to the best-selling Twisted Lands: Shadow Town! Steeped in psychological horror, Twisted Lands: Insomnia follows Angel, the wife of the central character in the original game, as she attempts to escape the mental hospital in which she’s imprisoned. Players will explore the fragile boundary between what’s real and what the mind perceives as they guide Angel on her mystifying quest to remember who she is.

As players navigate an artfully rendered mansion, a decaying lighthouse, and the ominous corridors of the hospital, a rich and disturbing back-story will emerge that answers questions the first game raised and leads players to a conclusion even more shocking than Shadow Town’s. With its well-hidden items, clever puzzles and cunning mini-games, Twisted Lands: Insomnia offers an unforgettable journey down the sometimes warped paths of the human mind.

Immerse yourself in the myths of ancient Greece as you join forces with the heroes of Homer’s "Odyssey". Set out on a hidden object journey that begins on the walls of Troy and will take you all the way to Odysseus’ home on Ithaca. During this epic quest, you’ll visit mysterious islands filled with magical creatures. Some will beg for help, while others will try to eat you or turn you into a wild beast. Overcome all of the obstacles in your way and help Odysseus return to his beloved Penelope!