Monthly Archives: January 2012

A haunted amusement park is the backdrop for a twisted tale of terror in Weird Park: Broken Tune! Take the role of a private detective hired to investigate a rash of "accidental" deaths that befell those who worked at the park before city officials shut it down. Search for clues as you explore creepy carnival environments, solve puzzles as you pursue a mysterious joker down shadowy paths, and find hidden objects that can help you solve the mystery of a portal that leads to a realm beyond insanity. With its gripping story, intense atmosphere, and challenging puzzles, Weird Park: Broken Tune is a game no hidden object fan should miss!

Set off on a mind-bending journey to complete picross grids around the world, learning the secrets of seven great civilizations as you go. To complete a picross grid, you must use the number clues above and to the left of the board to fill in squares on the grid. As you advance through World Riddles: Secrets of the Ages, you’ll visit Roman gladiators, Tibetan monks, the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, and the pyramids of the Aztecs. As you solve puzzles, you’ll accumulate Civilization Points that allow you to restore a nation. Once you bring the people back to life, you’ll receive part of a lost medallion and then move on to the next civilization. Gather all seven parts of the Medallion and become the Bearer of the Secrets of the Ages!