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The Hods are magical beings that once lived in harmony with the sacred Tree of Life. Under its canopy, time had no meaning. But peace was an illusion, as the immeasurable greed of a dark demon forced the Hods into hiding. Now, eons later, the Hods have defeated the demon and hope has returned to the land. Rebuild the world of the Hods and restore the Tree of life to its former glory in this captivating match 3 adventure!

Help two orphans escape an evil spell in Whispered Stories: Sandman, an adventurous tale set in a fantastical world! James and Mary are two orphans growing up on the streets of 19th century London. When Mary disappears while visiting a traveling puppet show, James returns to it each day in the hopes of finding her. One day, he suffers the same fate and is transported to the surreal world of the Sandman. Now, James must not only find Mary but also look for a way out. Speak with other trapped souls, locate important objects and solve tricky puzzles. Only your wits and keen vision can help you on this journey!

Some people can afford to take it easy, but not Mia! She just graduated from college, but before she can celebrate, her adventurer brother Jack disappears while on another quest to solve the riddles of an ancient civilization! Now Mia must accompany their uncle, himself a renowned archaeologist and inspiration to the vanished Jack, on a round-the-world sailing trip to find her impetuous brother. Jack’s trail will take our heroes across five continents and over and under the Atlantic to face dangerous trials and solve cunning puzzles. If they stay the course, their journey will lead them to solving the greatest mystery on Earth!