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Travel from the deepest trenches of the Atlantic Ocean to the awe-inspiring wonders of Mars as you solve the greatest archeological puzzle known to man: the origin of Atlantis. Begin this epic sci-fi journey in the present as you guide Amrite Stone on her latest dig, and then continue it 150 years in the future when she wakes up from cyro-sleep following an unexpected tragedy. As you explore the scientific installation, you’ll use video clips and journal entries to piece together the events that resulted in the disappearance of every human from the base, befriend a lonely cat and encounter an alien life form more terrifying than man has conjured in his most outlandish tales of the future. Through stunning production values and cunningly designed puzzles, Eternal Journey: New Atlantis will draw you into an experience unlike any other hidden object adventure!

Divide and conquer in The Microbie Story, a game of logic and strategy! Professor Gra-Duate has been busy making microbes, nearly all of which are good for one’s health. But one day, he accidentally creates the evil Barbadoom microbe, which breaks out of its vial and infects all of the good microbes except Gloria. Now Gloria is determined take back the lab in super-exciting turn-based battles!

Each level consists of a grid of cells you must capture by changing the bad microbes into good ones. To transform a bad microbe, you simply have to move a good microbe next to it. Plan your moves in advance, lure your opponent into a trap and take over more cells than the enemy to win! Prepare for an outbreak of fun while playing this infectious game!

Track down a madman in Night in the Opera, a captivating blend of match three action and hidden object adventuring! A killer has cut the life of a traveling opera singer short, drawing her last breath from her lips with a magical musical instrument. Take the role of the detective called in to solve the case. As you search for clues and compile a list of suspects, you’ll alternate between classic match three levels and skillfully designed hidden object scenes. Only the most inquisitive detective will discover the truth. Can you stop the killer before he strikes again?

Make your business shine in Youda Jewel Shop, a time management game with a glamorous twist! Samantha learned the basics of the jewelry business from her grandfather, but she wants to learn more, so she’s enrolled to earn her degree. Little does she know she’s about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Assemble beautiful jewelry, serve your customers quickly and win the Queen’s design competition in 80 fast-paced levels. Use 15 powerups to speed up production, earn 50 achievements for fabulous feats and stop thieves from stealing the glitz and glitter your paying customers deserve! When things get hectic, simply relax and rely on your marvelous multitasking skills to get you though the moment. Get ready to shine when you play Youda Jewel Shop!

Experience the birth of the terror that gripped the island of Tormente in the Twisted Lands series of hidden object adventure games! Take the role of a gifted detective who’s always trusted his intellect and never given a second thought to the horrors hidden in the dark corners of the world. Watch his survival instincts kick in as he travels to Tormente to find a young lady and discovers misshapen creatures that threaten to kill him before he completes his task. Then protect the woman and her son from something even more evil and race to escape the island before death catches up!

Twisted Lands: Origin will lure you in with stunning artwork and bone-chilling audio, and then hold you captive as you explore dozens of bloodcurdling locations, search for useful items and solve cleverly designed puzzles. Innovations in this captivating prequel will have you interacting with cinematic videos to make split-second choices and solving dozens of unique mini-games. Tie the many threads of the Twisted Lands saga together in Twisted Lands: Origin. Every story has a beginning, but few are as horrifying as this!

Unite two love birds in Jump Birdy Jump, an addictive physics-based arcade game! Bringing birds of a feather together isn’t easy in a world filled with danger, so you must aim carefully as you click and drag the wire on which one of the birds sits. You’ll have to let go at just the right moment to make it past moving walls, dangerous spikes and deadly black stars, but if you succeed, you’ll collect the gold stars you need to unlock new levels! Packed with hours of fine-feathered fun, Jump Birdy Jump will take you to new heights of gaming pleasure!