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Travel back in time to an age of not only chivalry and heroes, but also deceit and no-good, dirty backstabbers! When a captain in the king’s army decides to seize the throne, he powers up the Machine of Time and plucks a mafia hit man from the future to handle the assassination. But the joke is on him because instead of transporting a killer, he captures a young actor from a mob movie!

Lost in time but ready for adventure, the actor joins a band of subjects loyal to the king and sets out to find the Crystals of Time, gems needed to power up the time machine and transport him home. As you guide the troupe, you’ll gather resources, earn gold, build and repair villages, help travelers and natives, and fight off enemies. From feeding rocks to a talking statue, to battling giant spiders, to building a tavern that makes a stone-hearted warrior weep for joy, surprises abound in this deliriously fun time management romp! Capturing the traitor, restoring the kingdom and falling in love might sound like a tall order, but it’s all in a day’s work in the Age of Adventure!


Have you ever seen a pig climb a tree? Juggle apples? Perform a somersault? If not, then you haven’t met Mrs. Piggly! She’s a pig on a mission — a mission to bake homemade apple pies for her piglets. To make them as delicious as possible, she’s gone to the forest to gather only the best apples. But those apples aren’t coming without a fight! Countless environmental hazards await her, while the forest’s many hungry inhabitants lie in wait to snatch Mrs. Piggly‘s apples from right under her nose! Only with your help can she overcome the dangers of her quest and coax the apples safely into her home. Tonight’s dessert rests in your hands!

Build thrilling rides, offer yummy snacks and host entertaining attractions as you run your own amusement park! Add decorations and upgrade your buildings to earn customer hearts, and then spend these hearts on designing even more exciting rides. Once you’ve built an attraction people love, you’ll be challenged to create three all-new parks using hundreds of unique features. Don’t miss your chance to build the most awesome amusement parks in the world!

Guide sheep safely home in this family-friendly brainteaser! To keep your sheep from running astray, you’ll need to lay down arrows for them to follow, steer them around enemies and other hazards, and make sure each one reaches the shed at the other end of the pen. Once the sheep are off and running, you can’t stop them, so you’ll need to plan your actions carefully and keep a level head if things awry! Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds features vivid graphics, lively music and 250 levels designed with casual gamers in mind. Enjoy this easy, breezy release from the creators of the hit action puzzle game, Running Sheep!

Test your matching skills with Sticky Linky, a super wacky puzzle game for the whole family! Millions of years of evolution have led to this: colored globs bobbing above and below the ocean, attempting to develop into a higher form of life. Your job: Match the globs to create new creatures and then save them before a hungry fish swallows them whole! As you play, you’ll marvel at the eye-popping physics, which link together globs in real-time and reward you for planning your moves in advance. Just watch out for the soap bubbles, which will soar off with your globs, and use the power-ups wisely. Can you beat every level to become the king of the globs?

The ruins of ancient civilizations hold many secrets. And a young archeologist named Anna has the key that will unlock them! When Anna finds a piece of a lost treasure map of Atlantis, she begins a journey of discovery that will take her through ancient cities, cavernous caves, an arctic wasteland and the bottom of the sea. Help her search for the clues that will lead her to the rest of the map. Guide her as she scours vivid hidden object scenes for the items she needs. And prepare to marvel at riches beyond your imagination!