Monthly Archives: September 2012

Franken-Stitch has lost his head! Twist and turn your way through this physics-based puzzler to reunite him with his glorious dome. We’ve heard of losing your head, but this is taking it to a whole new level! Life is hard when your noggin won’t stay sewn to your shoulders. Help Franken-Stitch reclaim his head by using realistic physics and interactive objects on 72 challenging levels spanning five awesome worlds! Let the good times — and the Franken-heads — roll!

The Secret of Margrave Manor: Remastered brings Edwina’s first escapade back more beautifully than before! The classic hidden object adventure is set in a spooky old manor in the English countryside. You assume the role of Edwina Margrave, whose grandfather disappeared under mysterious circumstances ten years ago. Clues to his whereabouts are scattered around the manor. Your job is to collect and decipher the clues by searching the manor room by room. Can you uncover its secrets and dig up your family’s forgotten past?