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Conjure up the sights and sounds of the most chilling night of the year when you play Spooky Mahjong! Complete 120 spine-chilling boards, customize the difficulty of the game to suit your skill level and earn experience points as you play. With every completed puzzle, you’ll improve your rank and move up the game’s ladder. Spend Halloween night with the creepy delights of Spook Mahjong!

With a single touch, Sarah Meiville can see the final moments of a dead person’s life. Though this gift once made her valuable to the police, the cops have shunned her since a tragic turn of events cost innocent people their lives.

Then dead bodies started piling up, a bizarre symbol on their foreheads. Soon, whispers of the Nothingman could be heard on the rain-slicked streets of the city, prompting a tabloid writer to lure Sarah out of retirement to stop a madman.

Guide Sarah through a classic noir adventure as she searches for clues, solves puzzles and learns to use new visions that appear to be helping her. The Gift will transport you through a town steeped in neon glow, challenge you with cunning mini-games and surprise you with cleverly hidden objects. From the music, to the visuals, to the voice work, The Gift is an unforgettable cross between a moody ’40s detective movie and a modern occult thriller.

Can you bring the killer to justice and restore Sarah’s name? Lives are depending on it!

Ghoulish guests are scheduled to arrive for Halloween! To prepare, you must collect the resources you need to turn your cheerful mansion into the ghastly backdrop they hope to find. As you match bats, acid vats and witches’ hats, you’ll earn points for buying ominous scarecrows, menacing jack-o-lanterns and sinister trees. You’ll also collect tokens that allow you to purchase power-ups like the Big Boom Bomb and the Epic Lightning, both of which will help you to collect resources more quickly. As you play, trick-or-treaters will pop up in the hopes of scoring a bag of candy and you’ll earn the right to use items that can remove vexing obstacles from the board. Whether you like tricks or treats, you’ll love every moment of this devilishly fun match-three game!

Uncover the past before you’re buried in the present! When Eva arrives in Prague to claim her inheritance, the young woman wants nothing more than to learn about the family she’s never known. Soon, she’s caught up in a ghostly adventure during which she’ll not only discover the shocking truth about who she is but also uncover an evil plot to rule the world. Guide Eva as she searches for clues, solves devious puzzles and finds love in the midst of danger. Featuring beautifully animated cutscenes, extensive voice work and an enchanting soundtrack, Alchemy Mysteries: Prague Legends will captivate you from beginning to end!

While Arizona Rose is shopping for antiques, an elderly shop owner gives her a collection of old maps that turn out to be the key to finding Blackbeard’s treasure. However, a clever code conceals the locations, and Arizona needs your help cracking it! Join Arizona on an epic quest made up of over 200 picross levels, hidden object scenes and other mini-games. Along the way, you can show off your puzzle-solving prowess by earning 15 achievements. Whether you’re a picross fan or a first-timer, Arizona Rose and the Pirates’ Riddles will keep you coming back for more!

A TV show is turning the children of Fort Nightingale into zombies! Enter this mystifying maelstrom as Clarrisa, a government agent that investigates unexplained phenomenon. Through her eyes, you’ll search Fort Nightingale for clues, solve cunning puzzles and talk with the townspeople to get a bearing on the case. As each action takes you closer to a shattering revelation, you’ll enjoy two unique styles of hidden object gameplay, delve into journals and other background materials, and marvel at cinematic interludes that set a new standard for adventure games. The Collector’s Edition of Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town comes with a bonus chapter, concept art, desktop wallpapers and a step-by-step walkthrough. Experience the special version of this instant classic today!