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When a young woman is found dead near her home in Brooklyn, forensic investigators Chloe and Paul take the case. Although they are accustomed to dealing with disturbing crimes, this case will be anything but ordinary. Fortunately, their skills and knack for attention to detail will serve them well, as will the equipment they use for shedding light on what will become a series of killings. Scour every room for clues, snap together the pieces of a provocative puzzle and track down your target to learn the truth. The twists and turns in Deadly Association will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Long ago, the renowned warrior and ruler Alexander the Great imbued his crown, dagger and ring with magic. The power he bestowed on the artifacts is strong, and capable of causing irreparable harm, should the pieces fall into the wrong hands. Now it’s up to you, a descendant of the ancient emperor, to collect the artifacts and save the world. Dive into the vortex of drama and mystery to unlock the secrets of Alexander the Great’s ancient power!