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Young Laura was well-protected from nightmares once her father gave her the Dreamcatcher. But after his sudden death, the Dreamcatcher disappeared and Laura slipped into a nightmare from which no one could awaken her. With the help of Professor Sanders and his machine, take a perilous journey into Laura’s dreams to fight her fears, solve the riddles of her subconscious and find the clues to her redemption. Collect every piece of the lost Dreamcatcher and help Laura return to the real world when you play this breathtaking point-and-click adventure! This Collector’s edition of Dreamscapes: The Sandman Collector’s Edition contains 15 bonus locations, concept art, desktop wallpapers, screensavers and the original soundtrack.

Welcome to Farmington, the small farm town full of potential! Floyd is the owner of Dahlia Farm, but that could be changing. After receiving a loan from a sleazy bank, he is in some trouble as they request he pay his bill in full immediately! The only way Floyd can come up with that much cash is to win the Farmer of the Year award. He needs your help! Play this genius blend of hidden object and farming simulator gameplays, and take Dahlia Farm to the #1 spot in Farmington Tales!

It’s time to strap on your overalls and tend to the crops, shear the sheep, and milk the cows! Unique gameplay and tons of mini-games are awaiting you at the farm, not to mention the many trophies to earn along the way! Upgrade every part of the land one building at a time, and rise in the best farmer rankings! Get ready to fight your way past the dirty competition, and prove you are the greatest farmer in the land!

Return to the House of 1,000 Doors to save mankind from annihilation! Giant snakes have burst out of the Earth and are wreaking destruction across every continent. From the smoking rubble of a ruined city, the House rises to the clouds, and a mysterious stranger rescues Kate from certain death and brings her to the strange dwelling. Her mission: to travel back in time to four different epochs to gather the elements needed to activate a machine that can destroy the ancient beasts.

Your journey as you guide Kate will challenge you. As you scour each jaw-dropping location for the items you need, you will face a terrifying serpent god, save a medieval girl from a mad inquisitor, and stop the plans of an evil Roman emperor. You’ll also search for hidden objects, solve mind-bending puzzles, and beat clever mini-games as a story of remarkable imagination unfolds with each step forward. The House serves as a portal to many adventures — and this is one of its greatest. Do you have the courage to step through the door?

The Collector’s Edition of House of 1,000 Doors: Serpent Flame features a thrilling bonus chapter, desktop wallpapers, concept art, mini-games, morphing objects and a step-by-step walkthrough.

What will you do if your dream vacation doesn’t go as planned? Do you have the courage to overcome your fears and save your friend who is lost and in trouble in a foreign country? Be brave as you come face to face with the mysterious manor Ardennes where threats abound, and you have no choice but to keep moving forward. Get ready for a hidden object puzzle adventure that you will never forget in Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories!

The bond of friendship is extremely powerful, and you will need every bit of this strength as you embark on your quest. The story is filled with fantastic puzzles and hidden object sequences, amazing art, and absolutely beautiful locations. Save your friend, solve the mystery, and let your inner hero shine! The tale is just beginning, are you ready to go along for the ride?

There exists love so strong, it can overcome the most powerful evil. In Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death, this love is born in the heart of a woman who sets out rescue her fiancé from a supernatural force that feeds on human suffering. Guide her as she explores visually stunning mystical dimensions in a bid to reunite other lovers and weaken the grip of the entity. As you find useful items and solve puzzles, you’ll reverse the tragedy of untimely deaths, mend broken fences between friends and, in one emotionally gripping chapter, bring back together a husband and wife who have been separated for thousands of years. Offering a richly layered and compelling hidden object experience, Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death is an adventure you’ll never forget! Can you save the fiancé before the maw of wickedness consumes him?

Time for an epic story full of mystery and suspense! A spooky, run-down school is the backdrop in this intense hidden object puzzle adventure game. Try and solve challenging puzzles, find tons of hidden objects, and put the pieces of the story together to figure out why all the strange things are happening to you! Be careful, a strange and evil shadow person is trying to find you… so be quick! The journey begins…

The story is told with an amazing art style, and top notch voice acting that will have you completely consumed in the story. Get ready to shed some light on the mysteries that are around every corner. There are many strangers you will meet that need your help, and with every answer you give them, you get one step closer to the truth. You will be on the edge of your seat from the very beginning! Get ready for a nightmare that you will never forget!