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The captured souls of the Stone family have been released at a Halloween party by a group of fun loving youngsters. Their keeper, the Lord of Darkness Samhain, is not pleased. He pours himself out into the old farmhouse capturing the souls of those who let them loose. Only Dylan escapes his wicked grasp, and only she can save her friends from eternal darkness! Find hidden objects, solve challenging puzzles, and embark on a harrowing adventure to save Dylan’s friends in Shadows: Price for Our Sins!

Travel through 35 chilling quests in a truly thrilling and mystical atmosphere! The story of the Stone family will slowly unravel as you unleash them from their earthly bonds. The helpful ghosts want Dylan to succeed in her quest to save her friends, and will do whatever it takes to get free themselves! Prepare to hunt high and low for objects to solve puzzles throughout the story, play awesome mini-games, and play on the edge of your seat from the excitement! Play the game today…if you have the guts!

The Snow

Match tokens to break a curse that has cast a frozen pall over a once warm and lush land! With each step of your journey, you’ll unlock the next chapter in a story that begins with a young girl setting across a snowy landscape to save her family and homeland. As her guiding hand, you’ll help her complete tasks and assemble puzzles by matching three or more tokens. You’ll also gain access to new game modes and bonuses and earn achievements for a job well done! With its beautiful hand-drawn graphics, simple point-and-click controls, and special logic levels, The Snow will warm your heart for hours on end!

The Iron Lord’s Reign over the land of Namariel has begun. With his evil mechanical army following his every command, he forced his way to the throne. The King was taken from his rightful place, and now the Iron Lord sits in the chair of the most high. You are the only hope of saving the land, so act fast! The Iron Lord shows no mercy, and the nightmare that has become Namariel gets deeper by the minute!

An urgent message arrived at your house today. The King’s message was that the prophecy of the Iron Lord had come to pass! His reign had begun, and he tasked you with finding the prophet who predicted this, and finding a way to defeat the tyrannical metallic giant. Solve puzzles and find clues that lead you on one of the most adventurous journeys in history! Mini-games are scattered throughout the story to provide extra fun! The fight against the Iron Lord begins with you!

Have you dreamed of building an awesome fish tank full of exotic fish to impress your friends? Now you can do just that in Aquascapes Collector’s Edition! Fill your tank with beautiful fish each with their own unique personality. Upgrade your tank as you play through hidden object games and earn money unlock amazing new gear. You have always wanted an aquarium…and now you have it!

Take your pick of 18 beautiful fish, exploding with beautiful colors! With tons of decorations and backgrounds to keep your tank fresh, your small finned friends will never get tired of being yours! Explore the exciting underwater world and find hidden objects along the way. The special Collector’s Edition includes gorgeous wallpapers, an awe-inspiring soundtrack and art work, and additional levels and decorations! The tank is your canvas, design it your way today!

Join a pair of treasure hunters as they race around the world to be the first to find a lost city! Even seasoned adventurers like Gordon and Dick couldn’t resist an invitation from the Royal Treasure Masters Club to join a contest to find the fabled Golden City. To outsmart their rivals and claim the prize, they’ll have to use their powers of observation to spot hidden objects, their wits to solve brain-bending puzzles and their charm to win over colorful characters. Designed for fans of classic hidden object games and offering one thrill after another, Treasure Masters 2 will leave you breathless!

Relive the glory days of old school run-and-jump gameplay as you help a lost alien return home! Oozi might be a crack alien pilot, but everyone has a bad day now and then. When Oozi crash-lands on Earth, he loses his suit, and with it, his ability to leave. Choose either Normal or Hard Mode and then guide Oozi through four worlds packed with enemies, obstacles, hazards, useful mechanisms and goodies, collecting the pieces of his suit. After you master all 20 Story mode levels, tackle two additional modes made especially for hardcore gamers, complete with bonus levels designed to push your platforming skills to their limits: Challenge and Arcade! Featuring colorful 2D art and animation, simple controls, and exciting boss battles, Oozi: Earth Adventure combines the best of the old and the new to create a super-fun experience you’ll never want to end!