Between the Worlds II: The Pyramid

First, an eccentric professor disappears from the small American town in which he lives, setting local residents on edge. Next, a mysterious man appears at the door of a detective agency, leaves a request for help on behalf of the professor and then vanishes. Intrigued, two detectives take the case, undeterred by the lack of evidence. Guide these daring gumshoes through their paces as they search for clues, decipher messages and solve puzzles that walk the line between technology and magic. To discover the truth behind the professor’s disappearance, you’ll have to keep both your eyes and your mind wide open!


  • Treasure PyramidTreasure Pyramid
    Download (24 Mb)
    The Treasure Pyramid has been lost for more than 5000 years waiting to be discovered. An ancient map has been found that will lead you there, so dust off your fedora hat – it’s time to go on an adventure like no other!

    Treasure Pyramid i…

  • Pyramid RunnerPyramid Runner
    Download (12 Mb)
    Picture the gold-collecting fever of Lode Runner crossed with scrolling 2D levels, high resolution graphics and ingenious level design, and you’ll have a good idea of what Pyramid Runner is all about. In the arcade puzzle game, you contr…
  • Green CityGreen City
    Download (250 Mb)
    The world is in need of a revamp. Pollutants, toxins, and garbage are ruining our world but you have the power to stop it! This unique “build a city” time management game will allow you to not only clean up the streets, but build beaut…
  • Asian RiddlesAsian Riddles
    Download (29 Mb)
    Jump into Asian Riddles, and be welcomed by the charming Asian hospitality. Play addicting games of Japanese crossword puzzles, and get a taste of the island no matter where you are! Peaceful oriental music centers your body and soul as…
  • Push the boxPush the box
    Download (26 Mb)
    The tale of the three little pigs is known across the world. But the story has been told wrong for a very long time. The three pigs weren’t up against a single “big bad wolf” they lived next to a whole pack of them! Their cousin Oink-oi…

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