Farmington Tales

Welcome to Farmington, the small farm town full of potential! Floyd is the owner of Dahlia Farm, but that could be changing. After receiving a loan from a sleazy bank, he is in some trouble as they request he pay his bill in full immediately! The only way Floyd can come up with that much cash is to win the Farmer of the Year award. He needs your help! Play this genius blend of hidden object and farming simulator gameplays, and take Dahlia Farm to the #1 spot in Farmington Tales!

It’s time to strap on your overalls and tend to the crops, shear the sheep, and milk the cows! Unique gameplay and tons of mini-games are awaiting you at the farm, not to mention the many trophies to earn along the way! Upgrade every part of the land one building at a time, and rise in the best farmer rankings! Get ready to fight your way past the dirty competition, and prove you are the greatest farmer in the land!


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