Gamer competition goes big

If you’re near San Jose on July 23 make for the Tech Museum. The Maxgames video tournament, hosted there, will see gamers competing on a variety of console games including Halo, Mario Kart: Double Dash and SSX3 on a 40 by 60 foot IMAX screen. Surround sound comes courtesy of 44 speakers dotted through the auditorium. Beats the portable TV in the spare room.


  • Skies of WarSkies of War
    Download (32 Mb)
    The sky is the limit … but what about the Skies of War? Its been 28 years since the Iron War, and the enemy is still claiming your land and cities …

    In this action-packed airplane war game, you are the most important pilot of the reb…

  • Turtix – Rescue AdventureTurtix – Rescue Adventure
    Download (29 Mb)
    Turtix is back and he’s bolder than ever in the awesome Turtix: Rescue Adventures! Help the world’s nimblest turtle navigate three gorgeous game worlds dripping with eye-tickling detail. Thrill to exciting action sequences that challeng…
  • Golden Trails: The New Western RushGolden Trails: The New Western Rush
    Download (215 Mb)
    Saddle up for excitement in the hidden object shootout, Golden Trails: The New Western Rush! Clever bandits have robbed Sunnyvale Bank, and no one but you can solve the case. Search in every nook and cranny in the provincial borough, sco…
  • Twisted Lands: Insomniac Collector’s EditionTwisted Lands: Insomniac Collector’s Edition
    Download (622 Mb)
    The Twisted Lands saga continues in the gripping sequel to the best-selling Twisted Lands: Shadow Town! Steeped in psychological horror, Twisted Lands: Insomniac follows Angel, the wife of the central character in the original game, as s…
  • Oddly Enough: Pied PiperOddly Enough: Pied Piper
    Download (166 Mb)
    Enter the weird and wonderful realm of legend in Oddly Enough: Piped Piper, an enchanting hidden object adventure that puts a quirky twist on a classic tale. Interact with memorable characters, decipher mind-melting codes, repair bizarre…


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