Halo’s new look

Marking a year since Halo 2’s launch Bungie has revealed some more details of the Xbox 360’s somewhat obscure backwards compatibility features. We already knew there are probably going to be some old Xbox titles that won’t run on the new console but Halo fans will be pleased to hear that the top selling title is definitley going to work. It looks like the 360, instead of simply playing the Xbox games, will manage to make them look a whole lot better too (as the pic supposedly demonstrates) enabling widescreen, 720p graphics and full-scene anti-aliasing. This should provide the reason for digging out the old Halo games that Xbox promised us before and, best of all, you can just use your original copy to play; no alterations are required. And all of Halo 2’s Xbox Live features will work too.


  • Hide and Secret: The Lost WorldHide and Secret: The Lost World
    Download (140 Mb)
    Save a damsel in distress and stop a madman’s evil plans in Hide and Secret: The Lost World! A thief named Jacques has kidnapped Professor Columbia as part of his scheme to become immortal by stealing rare idols and offering the professo…
  • Youda FairyYouda Fairy
    Download (63 Mb)
    The forest wizard wants you to take over his job of protecting the kingdom against an evil witch. He’ll begin your training by teaching you how to create fairies in an enchanted pond. Using lilies, fireflies and a dash of the supernatur…
  • NeoBallNeoBall
    Download (13 Mb)
    Prepare for an eye-popping experience when you play NeoBall, an incredible new 3D Breakout game from the publishers of Magic Ball 2. The levels aren’t built out of simple blocks, as in other similar games; rather, animated scenes from the…
  • Incredible ExpressIncredible Express
    Download (129 Mb)
    What’s a refined young lady like Maria doing with a locomotive? She inherited it! But instead of selling it, she’s going to use it to turn a profit, Help Maria and her mechanic, Robert, make their deliveries on time and build up enoug…
  • The Secrets of Margrave ManorThe Secrets of Margrave Manor
    Download (109 Mb)
    The Secret of Margrave Manor: Remastered brings Edwina’s first escapade back more beautifully than before! The classic hidden object adventure is set in a spooky old manor in the English countryside. You assume the role of Edwina Margrav…


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