Hide and Secret: The Lost World

Save a damsel in distress and stop a madman’s evil plans in Hide and Secret: The Lost World! A thief named Jacques has kidnapped Professor Columbia as part of his scheme to become immortal by stealing rare idols and offering the professor as a human sacrifice! You must stop the sinister Jacques by traveling to a forgotten island. As you search for the professor, you’ll travel through haunted ruins, avoid diabolical traps, solve challenging puzzles, locate helpful items, and overcome giant creatures!


  • Hide and Secret 3 – Pharaoh’s QuestHide and Secret 3 – Pharaoh’s Quest
    Download (76 Mb)
    Continue your globetrotting adventure to reunite the spirits of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh and his queen, who have been separated for over 2,000 years. The only way to reunite the lovers is to return their stolen treasures to their tomb…
  • Hide and Secret – Cliffhanger CastleHide and Secret – Cliffhanger Castle
    Download (65 Mb)
    Will and Anna are back for more derring-do in Hide & Secret: Cliffhanger Castle! Embark on a whirlwind tour of the globe to uncover hidden clues while converting an old castle into a museum. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you sum…
  • Hide & Secret: Treasure of the AgesHide & Secret: Treasure of the Ages
    Download (36 Mb)
    Do you have an eye for adventure and a nose for fun? Then embark on a journey to recover the Treasure of the Ages from the evil Jacques, who together with his henchman, Toadie, stole the priceless antiquities from the museum for which yo…
  • Treasure Masters, Inc.: The Lost CityTreasure Masters, Inc.: The Lost City
    Download (347 Mb)
    Join a pair of treasure hunters as they race around the world to be the first to find a lost city! Even seasoned adventurers like Gordon and Dick couldn’t resist an invitation from the Royal Treasure Masters Club to join a contest to fin…
  • Age Of Enigma: The Secret Of The 6th GhostAge Of Enigma: The Secret Of The 6th Ghost
    Download (292 Mb)
    Enter the Age of Enigma and play Ashley Reeves, a remarkable young woman with great promise. Mysteriously summoned to the house you saw in your nightmare, you will encounter the dark and inscrutable Nathan and help the ghosts held captiv…

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