Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten

It was supposed to be only a three-hour tour… But you awakened shipwrecked on an unknown, seemingly uninhabited island, held hostage by powers beyond your understanding. Yet all is not as it seems. Mysterious, malevolent islanders lurk in the lush landscape. Their dark gods crave human sacrifices – and fate has delivered you to them. The race is on to find a way to lift the curse marking you as their next victim. Can you escape the gods and their hostile island home with life and limb intact?


  • Lost Lagoon: The Trail Of DestinyLost Lagoon: The Trail Of Destiny
    Download (70 Mb)
    You wake up on a deserted tropical beach with no memory of who you are or how you ended up there. While exploring the island, you stumble upon an abandoned village. That night, you remember finding an old map of the island your grandfat…
  • Treasure Masters, Inc.: The Lost CityTreasure Masters, Inc.: The Lost City
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    Join a pair of treasure hunters as they race around the world to be the first to find a lost city! Even seasoned adventurers like Gordon and Dick couldn’t resist an invitation from the Royal Treasure Masters Club to join a contest to fin…
  • XIII: Lost IdentityXIII: Lost Identity
    Download (108 Mb)
    An elderly couple finds a man suffering from amnesia washed up on the beach outside their home. The only clue to who he is: A tattoo of the Roman numeral XIII on his neck. Help the man unravel his past and secure his future in this capti…
  • Lost In NightLost In Night
    Download (43 Mb)
    As you stroll through rolling hills, enjoying the calm of the evening, you encounter an amazing site: A house made from a pumpkin, another from a pear and a third from a giant snail! Explore this enchanting village as you complete over 40…
  • Lost HeadLost Head
    Download (25 Mb)
    Franken-Stitch has lost his head! Twist and turn your way through this physics-based puzzler to reunite him with his glorious dome. We’ve heard of losing your head, but this is taking it to a whole new level! Life is hard when your noggin…

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