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Make your business shine in Youda Jewel Shop, a time management game with a glamorous twist! Samantha learned the basics of the jewelry business from her grandfather, but she wants to learn more, so she’s enrolled to earn her degree. Little does she know she’s about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Assemble beautiful jewelry, serve your customers quickly and win the Queen’s design competition in 80 fast-paced levels. Use 15 powerups to speed up production, earn 50 achievements for fabulous feats and stop thieves from stealing the glitz and glitter your paying customers deserve! When things get hectic, simply relax and rely on your marvelous multitasking skills to get you though the moment. Get ready to shine when you play Youda Jewel Shop!

Ensure the opening of a new mall makes a big splash! Decorate shops, pick unique products to sell on elaborate displays, runs ads to boost your profits, hire assistants to help customers, provide gift-wrapping and lost-and-found services, and master 75 levels in eight mall areas! As the new boss, you’ll also want to heed the advice of local business leaders and accept challenges meant to push your time-management skills to the next level. The fun is in the bag; all you have to do is play!

Dive into an ocean of match-three fun in Tropical Fish Shop 2! Match three or more of the same fish, crabs, jellyfish and more to collect products for your store. With the money you make from sales, purchase new aquariums and other necessities to make your store one-ofa-kind. And play hidden object challenges and take part in diving competitions to earn trophies and extra cash. Can you make your fish shop bigger and better than ever before? Try to free version or download the full version of Tropical Fish Shop 2 today!

Dominating the dessert market is a piece of cake in this fast-paced time management game! Make delicious treats for clients around the world and find exotic delights to add to your hometown menu. Learn what each customer likes and then think ahead to earn big tips! Use the money you earn to upgrade your restaurants and find new items for your kitchens. Take your business to the next level in this mouthwatering sequel!

Open a roadside café and earn money while treating your customers to delicious cakes with different fillings! Purchase advanced culinary equipment and begin to build a confectionery corporation as your café grows! Quickly serve visitors and use unique upgrades to keep your clientele content and coming back for more. A fast-paced time management game, Cake Shop 2 features five cafés to manage and build, 19 upgrades to utilize, a cast of colorful characters, gorgeous graphics and beautiful music!

Open antique shops around the world and earn enough money to finance an archaeological expedition to Greece! Purchase new items to sell in your store and use upgrades to improve the experience of shopping at your establishment. Persistent players will have the opportunity to solve historical puzzles, find unique artifacts and make phenomenal discoveries! Plan out your trip and purchase the necessities as you earn huge profits in this fun time management game!