The Island: Castaway 2

As a young islander, the fate of your people rests on your shoulders. Rise to the occasion in The Island: Castaway 2, a game set years before the castaways in the original game landed. You will discover why the tribe left the village, learn how the ship appeared in the middle of the island, and enjoy more than 300 all-new quests in familiar settings and mysterious new areas. Hunting, fishing and farming are all back, as are bouts with wild animals. The Island: Castaway 2 offers an exhilarating adventure filled with mysteries, riddles and startling twists and turns!


  • The Island: CastawayThe Island: Castaway
    Download (137 Mb)
    When Tom Alison is shipwrecked on an uncharted island, strange writing in the sand tells him he’s not alone. Guide Tom as he travels into the heart of the land mass to uncover its secrets, and then help him survive the perils of a stran…
  • Fairy IslandFairy Island
    Download (18 Mb)
    Fairy Island was a magical place until a boatload of pesky pirates washed up on its shore. Now all of the fairies are trapped inside of magic crystals, and it’s up to you to break them out! Remove matching groups of stones to free the fai…
  • Jewel Keepers: Easter IslandJewel Keepers: Easter Island
    Download (40 Mb)
    Welcome to Jewel Keepers: Easter Island – an addictive match-three arcade action game with mind-blowing visuals and engaging storyline! This game will keep you entertained for hours, as you travel across Easter Island and help to unveil …
  • The Treasures of Mystery Island: The Ghost ShipThe Treasures of Mystery Island: The Ghost Ship
    Download (284 Mb)
    Guide a young woman who’s arrived at a tropical island to visit a friend. Her acquaintance is nowhere to be seen, but there are plenty of ghosts on hand. As you explore lost temples, devastated coastlines and abandoned villages, you’ll…
  • Ranch Rush 2 – Sara’s Island ExperimentRanch Rush 2 – Sara’s Island Experiment
    Download (57 Mb)
    Sara is back in a brand new island adventure! Guide her as she harvests pomegranates and pineapples, tends to llamas and peacocks, and travels to the ocean to do some fishing. Then help her spruce up her farm with the coins she earns! W…

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