Xbox Live alerts on PC goes… live

Sign-up to Xbox’s Live Alert scheme and you can now get alerted via instant messages on your PC when friends are on Live on their Xboxes, as well as when tournaments are due to take place and new content for games becomes available.


  • Ancient RomeAncient Rome
    Download (60 Mb)
    The greatest empire the world has ever known is in the palm of your hand! Expand the Roman Empire from a simple hamlet into the glorious expanse of power and dominion for which it is known today in Ancient Rome, a casual city building si…
  • Vampire Saga – Pandora’s BoxVampire Saga – Pandora’s Box
    Download (80 Mb)
    With a chilling crime at the center of its spellbinding story, Vampire Saga is not intended for the faint of heart. Join Matthew Ward as he steals aboard a cargo ship to escape the violence of the Spanish-American War, passes out and the…
  • Royal Envoy 2Royal Envoy 2
    Download (169 Mb)Play Online
    The King once again turns to you, his trusted city planner, to travel to the faraway land of Middleshire, where poor management has brought the land to ruin. Explore ancient caves and forgotten mines, meet mystical nymphs and …
  • Hide and Secret 3 – Pharaoh’s QuestHide and Secret 3 – Pharaoh’s Quest
    Download (76 Mb)
    Continue your globetrotting adventure to reunite the spirits of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh and his queen, who have been separated for over 2,000 years. The only way to reunite the lovers is to return their stolen treasures to their tomb…
  • Katy and Bob: Way Back HomeKaty and Bob: Way Back Home
    Download (125 Mb)
    Katy and Bob need to learn the value of a dollar, so their father strands them on an island where their only option is to earn their tickets home! Join these slothful siblings as they find work slinging drinks at a tropical bar! While th…


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